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All parts and products accredited by Clean Energy Council

All parts and products covered by manufacturer warranty (extended warranty available)

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LEAFi Solar’s objective is to make Australia a cleaner and more environmentally friendly place. Our partners are one of the longest established solar power system installers in Australia. All our products are accredited by Clean Energy Council. We are able to cater to your needs and ensure you receive the best quality service at LEAFi Solar.

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Our Services

Multiple solar power systems are available at LEAFi Solar. Our dedicated and experience teams are here to work with you on a tailor made value package that most suit your needs at affordable cost. All installation and service are carried out by fully licensed technicians and experienced teams.

Commercial system


  • Enjoy the free energy from the sun
  • Tax claimable
  • Short payback period
  • Interest FREE financing available

Residential Solar System


  • Make savings and help the environment
  • You can get paid from solar FIT
  • Short payback period and Long-term benefit

Solar Battery System


  • Store energy and use it when there is no sunlight.
  • More efficient on power usage.
  • Blackout protection.

Benefits of Solar Energy!!

Solar is the right choice.

Lower Electricity Bills

Once your solar system has been installed, you’re are automatically generating your own electricty. Which means, your household’s electricty bills are reduced.

Great Return on Investment

Systems pay for themselves in electricity savings in as few as 3 years. Protect yourself against rising electricity costs (expected to rise 40% over the next 10 years)

Smart Remote Monitoring

Remotely monitor energy usage, insights and load management on your mobile phone or computer. Be in control of your energy consumption.


The invisible impact we have on our eco-system drives us to create a future with cleaner renewable energy. We can do this together.

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